When webpage is opened, Mozilla works for a couple seconds then goes to 'not responding' mode.




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Build Identifier: FireFox 8.0.3

Whenever I go to a webpage, doesn't matter which one, it will work for a couple of links and then it goes into 'not responding'.  I have no idea what's wrong and I've done research on here. I can not always retrieve my data.  PLEASE SEE BUG#351480.  This is the exact same problem, however it was never really resolved, just band-aided.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.Open Mozilla
2.search webpage
3.after a couple links, it stops responding
Actual Results:  
I will have 2-3 tabs open (sometimes only 1 or 2) and I will click on link and it stops resopnding.  It also happens when I am going to open a link from a search site (Google, Yahoo). I'm constantly closing it and going back to IE which works fine, but I don't like it - I'd rather use FireFox.

Expected Results:  
I had to close and either restart FireFox or use IE

Worked properly - no "not responding" issues
Please retest in safe mode to rule out bugs in add-ons and if it still doesn't work, please retest with a new profile to rule out profile corruptions.


And what firewall software do you use?
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Comment 3

10 years ago
I have this same problem and would be very pleased if someone could help resolve it!

Additional information from my end-
When I initially open Firefox, it works well for a tab or two. After that, however - regardless of what website I choose to browse - Firefox will load the page, but will be "unclickable" for a good thirty-forty seconds. Occasionally, it will just be a white screen, then "frost over" and give me a "Not Responding" error.

As previously stated, IE works fine. I don't want to use IE though!

I have run Firefox in Safe Mode, but this did not stop the problem from persisting.
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