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This happens intermittently, but frequently. On closing Sea Monkey (version 2.0a3), I get a "crash" message: "SeaMonkey.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Sometimes, if I try to re-enter SM, I am told that the program is already running. But if I wait a minute or so, I can re-enter SM.

Reproducible: Sometimes

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Exit Sea Monkey
Actual Results:  
Sometimes SM crashes on closing.

Not crashed.
So you do not get any Crashreporter dialog then and when opening the URL "about:crashes" you do not see any reported crashes that match the timeframe of the crash? See for a screenshot of the Crashreporter.
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9 years ago
No, I do not get a Crashreporter dialogue, and there are no crashes reported in "about:crashes" In fact, no crashes have been reported at any time. As I indicated, I am not sure this is really a crash, as I am usually out of Sea Monkey for 2-5 seconds before the message I listed in my original message appears. (Is it really a crash if you're out of the program?) This is the same kind of error message that other programs use when a program does crash while in use. When the error message appears and, as I said, if I try to re-enter SM, sometimes I'm told that the program is already running. In those cases, I check Windows Task Manager and I see SM process is still active. I kill the process and then can re-enter SM. Other times, SM process is not active after one of these "crashes."  One other item: until today, the "crashes" I experience occurred when I exited SM by clicking the "X" in upper right corner. However, as of today, "crashes" also occur when I exit using Ctl-Q.

Comment 3

9 years ago
Also, can you address the role of the file "gkplugin.dll" which is the troubled file cited when SM "crashes" after close. Is it possible I have a defective file? If so, how do I get a replacement?
gkplugin.dll includes code related to Plugins, which gives me an idea. Can you try this: Disable all Plugins in SeaMonkey via Tools->Add-On Manager and click on the "Plugins" tab. There click "Disable" on every plugin entry you have. Now observe if the crash is still happening. If it's not, maybe some plugin causes this crash.

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9 years ago
I disabled all the plug-ins. The "crash" occurred on the first time out. I've re-enabled all the plug-ins. What about the possibility I have a defective gkplugin.dll?
I think it's unlikely that you have a defective gkplugin.dll as then it might as well already crash on startup or when displaying any plugin content. You could try uninstalling and reinstalling SeaMonkey, but I don't think this will change anything.
If you have ~20-30 minutes of time (a broadband connection would be good, too) and want to do some additional testing for this bug, there is one thing you could do: Follow the instructions at to get a stacktrace for the on-quit crash, this method should always work. The page talks about Firefox, but the instructions work for SeaMonkey, too. You need to download the nightly build from and the first command in the "Debugging" section is ".sympath SRV*c:\symbols*" instead.

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9 years ago
Thanks for your help, Frank. Unfortunately, I am battling with cancer and that saps my energy, patience and concentration. I won't be able to do the experiment you suggest. In any event, I feel I am getting in over my head at this point. (My connection is satellite, which is almost broadband.)


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9 years ago
I'm back...for the moment. Found something interesting. In the Plug-ins list, there are two Java entries. (I didn't personally add either one.) I disabled this one:
Java (TM) SE 6 U13 The "crashes" appear to have stopped.

The remaining Java plug-in is: SE6 U 10

What do you think?

Comment 9

8 years ago
could be java. make sure you have the latest version. (16?)
closing invalid for now, based on comment 8.
please reopen if you can recreate using SM 2.0 and latest java
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