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Bugzilla should suggest that people apply for canconfirm




10 years ago
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People who have been contributing usefully for a while should have canconfirm. We can't give it to them automatically, because there is currently no way of easily programatically deterimining "usefully". However, we could suggest it to them once they've made a certain level of contribution. At the moment, on b.m.o. at least, the barrier to getting it is very low, but probably a lot of people don't know they can get it.

One implementation strategy, and there may be others, would be something like "if number of comments > N, and !canconfirm, nag on login."

(You may think this is not a core feature, but a b.m.o.-specific one - if so, do move this bug across.)

Sounds good for me since we have A LOT of UNCONFIRMED bugs.

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10 years ago
Yes, I think it's something specific to bmo.
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8 years ago
candidate for [contrib-engagement] whiteboard?

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8 years ago
Yes, this would be great. Another way to implement it would be to provide a list of people who should be canconfirm (perhaps by bz component if that makes sense), and let us do it proactively. (I think we can't do a search for this ourselves).
Whiteboard: [contrib-engagement]

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8 years ago
I'm not sure it should be done proactively. But if it is, it should include advice to the receiver about filing bugs with privileges, because the default then is bugs get filed as NEW and one often sees examples where the reporter hasn't done due diligence and the bug doesn't meet the standards of a good "NEW" bug.

revised criteria?
"if number of comments > N, and number of confirmed bugs > M, and !canconfirm, nag on login."


8 years ago
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7 years ago
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i think bug 770855 covers the main point of this request.
closing bug due to inactivity.  please re-open this bug if still relevant.
Last Resolved: 6 years ago
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I think that the initiative should come from the user; but I also think that the various privilege levels and the criteria for getting them should be "discoverable": see bug 770855 comment #21.
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