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Bablefish 1.83 causing problem with FF 3.0.8 - specifically with DHCP




9 years ago
9 years ago


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9 years ago
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Fri 10th April 2009 was working all day online. All was well apart from two crashes while opening new tabs (reported via crash reporter).

Sat 11th April 2009 opened mail, received incoming mail. Opened Firefox and was informed of a Babelfish update (1.83). Clicked 'install', then 'continue'. Went to my site, opened another tab or two and was then presented with a 'time out' message. A few moments later a pop-up with exclamation mark said: in use by 00:11:7c:0a:1e:9a, DHCP Server

Meanwhile my Mail software went offline as well.  But only seemed to be my gmail accounts (although some from my personal domain were affected too).

I quit them both and restarted a few minutes later. Began googling for info about DHCP problems. During which Firefox, at 10:25 gave me this message: in use by 00:11:7c:0a:1e:9a, DHCP Server

Meanwhile my Mail programme was still online and working away (imap accounts were still live), so I figured it was a FF issue... and the only thing that was different was the new Babelfish 1.83

Disabled Babelfish and restarted FF. All seemed well except that several of the tabs didn't open until I went to them individually and hit 'refresh'.

Then tried to reproduce the issue by enabling Babelfish and restarting... but it seems intermittment.

10:25am FF gave me this message: in use by 00:11:7c:0a:1e:9a, DHCP Server (Babelfish enabled)

Disabled Babelfish, restarted FF and browsed without issue for quite some time (trying to find out how to post a bug).  Read about recreating the bug so enabled Babelfish again and restarted FF.  Page Load Error problem occured again after perhaps 3 or 4 tabs were open.

Restarted again at 11:27 and FF gave me this message while reopening: in use by 00:11:7c:0a:1e:9a, DHCP Server

Disabled Babelfish again and browsed without issue.

Enabled Babelfish and began browsing again on 4tabs. Reloading one of them caused a 'Page Load Error'. Phone rang, came back at 12:22 to find: in use by 00:11:7c:0a:3d:08, DHCP Server

Strangely it seems that I could click 'okay' and keep browsing this time (whereas before everything seemed to freeze).

Reproducible: Sometimes

Steps to Reproduce:
1.Enable Babelfish 1.83
2.Open perhaps 3, 4 or 5 tabs
3.Refresh some of those tabs or open a new one to a new site

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9 years ago
Problem may not be Babelfish after all!  Because it just occurred again with Babelfish disabled (12:59).  Browsing continues as normal once I've clicked 'okay' on the warning message.
" in use by 00:11:7c:0a:1e:9a, DHCP Server"

This error doesn't come from Firefox itself because Firefox doesn't know anything about DHCP servers. This must be something other, either from an addon or from your system itself. Both things can not be reported here, please report for example addon issues to the author of that addon.

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You may want to ask for help in the support forum or in the Mozillazine.org Forums.
Last Resolved: 9 years ago
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I forgot to explain the error message:
An IP can only be used by one system in the network.
This is an error message from your system that another system is using your IP which is illegal and means that the TCP/UP stack must shutdown.

The additional system that is using your IP is 00:11:7c:0a:1e:9a . 
This number is the mac address and each network card gets an unique mac address worldwide. Mac is not coming from Macintosh, it's from Edia access control : http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Media_Access_Control

Either you setup a fixed IP on one of your systems or your DHCP server is broken.


9 years ago
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