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deleted program and reinstalled still get pop up that indicates inbox is full although it shows and should be empty
compacting does no good

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.open program
2.pop up shows full inbox 
3.nothing left to do
Actual Results:  
open program stares back at me

Expected Results:  
download of all accumulated emails to inbox
Did you ever did a compact folder (right click on inbox or from the file menu) ?

Comment 2

10 years ago
have compacted several times in a row                does nothing
sorry, i overread the line "compacting does no good".
Can you right click on the inbox folder, select properties and select rebuild summary file ?

If that doesn't help locate the file "inbox." (without extension) in your profile.

The file is under profilefolder\Mail\Accountname\inbox.
What is the size of this file ?
Please be sure that Thunderbird is closed and rename "inbox." to "inbox2." and delete the file inbox.msf (that is just the "mail summary file" for this folder).
Now start Thunderbird again...
doug, this will be closed incomplete without additional information. But
we'd very much like to address the problem with your assistance.
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bleh, I forgot Doug wrote me 

have created 2 new inboxes and deleted old  now seems to be working mostly. new difficulty is when viral check pulls possible and asks if i want to skip message either a yes or no answer comes up with full inbox message and get mail button will not operate until i close/exit tbird and re-open
Whiteboard: closeme 2009-06-08

Comment 6

10 years ago
I will comment, if I may.  I tried the "compacting" and it made no difference.  Then I deleted the 3 inboxes!  All 3 are under c:\documents and setting\username\applicationdata\thunderbird\profiles\boi25f6Q.default and then a folder "mail".  The 3 mail folders were incoming.verizon.net; incoming.verizon-1.net and local.  The size of the inbox in the verizon-1  folder was 1,629,963KB which I was able to rename to an inbox2 (comment 3). The other two inboxes were 3,xxx,xxxKB and 4,xxx,xxxKB and I could only get an error message of the file being too big to copy, so I gave up and deleted them.  Now I am finally receiving mail.  I don't understand why (1) I have the 3 inboxes and (2) why the boxes were so large when I only had 240 e-mails (Previously I have had more).  Can you help me with this?  If I delete e-mails, they do go away, right?  They don't stay as some sort of ghost (adding up to KBs) in the inbox, do they?

Comment 7

9 years ago
Today is 2-9-10. I searched for this bugzilla because the same scenario happened to me tonight. I've never had this happen before and my inbox was not as large as it usually is. I cannot believe this was first reported 8 months ago and it seems as if nothing has been done. My only change was that I recently upgrade T'bird to version 3, about a month ago. Other anomalies include the trash bin disappearing while I'm trying to send messages to it, and having to repeatedly delete items 5 and 6 times before they finally go.

Comment 8

9 years ago
Since when does 'compact' mean 'remove deleted messages from selected folder'? I've never noticed this before, but when I pass the mouse over the compact button, that's what is displayed. 
Did someone on the team invent a new definition of 'compact'?
That "compact" is there since Netscape4.x or before.
"compact" is not "compress" and you could also name it "purge".

and there is also bug 537498 and bug 517466
what is the *exact* text of this "inbox full" notification please?

anyone else seen this?
Doug, what antivirus program do you use, and do you still see what is mentioned in comment 5?  "when viral check pulls possible and asks if i want to skip
message either a yes or no answer comes up with full inbox message "

Monica's issue may be resolved in v2.0.0.24.
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RESOLVED INCOMPLETE due to lack of response to last question. If you feel this change was made in error, please respond to this bug with your reasons why.
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