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9 years ago
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I just started up my first bugzilla here and had it connect to an LDAP server.

I noticed that, when a user name is, say, Sörname, bugzilla will display it as Sörname.

Not sure how I can help debugging this, so let me know.


Reproducible: Always

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9 years ago
Thanks for the report.

What version of Bugzilla are you using? Is the utf8 parameter turned on? What type and version of LDAP server are you connecting to?

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9 years ago
I'm on Buzilla 3.2.3 here, with UTF-8 turned on.

When playing around with Bugzilla I notice that the umlaut comes out alright in most places, in fact the only page where I've seen the "Sörname" now was that welcome page for the first user telling you that not all parameters have been set yet.

If that still matters, I *think* that the people here use ActiveDirectory LDAP, no idea about any specific version.

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9 years ago
Oh, was that user that you're seeing actually created out of LDAP, or was that the user that was created by checksetup.pl?

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9 years ago
Well, yes and no.

The user I first created in Bugzilla had the e-mail address john@doe.com. This happens to be the e-mail address associated with the LDAP account I logged in with ('mail' field) -- I understand that the "two" accounts get merged in that case.

Anyway, the "Sörname" is fetched from LDAP's 'displayName' field.

-- But, as I said, it seems to be translated quite correctly except on the start page (which I can't access anymore now b/c I set all the parameters).

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9 years ago
Okay, so we'll mark this as WORKSFORME unless it pops up again somewhere somehow.
Last Resolved: 9 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
For note, I now properly operating on utf8's display name with integrating OpenLDAP. (using syncLDAP.pl)
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