Mothball three l10n machines as they are no longer used


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Server Operations
9 years ago
3 years ago


(Reporter: joduinn, Assigned: phong)



The following machines were used by bsmedberg to do l10n repacks, until we got repack-on-change working. These are no longer needed and can now be reused elsewhere.
coop confirmed in email there is nothing here that needs saving. Ready to reimage.
NB: the windows and linux machines are VMs, so it's deletion for them, and just the mac to reimage. DNS/DHCP to be cleaned up for all, but no nagios to remove.
I've now deleted these VMs.
...Phong can you remove both of these from DNS/inventory/etc? ready to be used someplace else. This is not right spec cpu for talos, and has nothing that needs backing up, so lets reimage this, rename , and let bhearsum use it for his opsi experiments? Bhearsum what name do you want, and what refimage?
Assignee: joduinn → server-ops
Component: Release Engineering → Server Operations
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9 years ago
Assignee: server-ops → phong

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9 years ago
removed from DHCP, DNS, and inventory.

bm-l10n-pmac-01 is sitting in the rack with all the newer mini.  I'll verify if it has the new CPU that matches all the other minis.
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