Loading non-plugin .js file creates null plugin

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10 years ago
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(Reporter: matt, Assigned: rginda)


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10 years ago
ChatZilla 0.9.84-2009032312 [Firefox 3.6a1pre/20090418030842]

If you make ChatZilla load a .js file which executes some code but doesn't define a plugin, then when you do "/list-plugins" you get:

[INFO]	Plugin at index 0, loaded from <file:///usr/home/matt/temp/test.js>.
[INFO]	id: <unknown>, version: -1, enabled: always, status: loaded.
[INFO]	Description: .

If the properties of the plugin object all still have their default values then it should be discarded rather than being added to the plugins array.

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10 years ago
The script has still been executed, so could still have done (useful) things, and still has a scope; it is perfectly acceptably to have a script just run some code to change things and not be a "normal" plugin. I'd much rather we kept the little plugin data around (including its scope) for debugging purposes.
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