Lost pop Inbox e-mails but not subfolder e-mails nor profiles



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It's the second time that this happens. I have several subfolders, and many daily messeges go to thoses subfolders (work logs, more or less 300 per day).

One of the subfolders had more than 12 000 e-mails, and I erased more than alf. Did the same to another subfolder. (the thunderbird didn't crash) When I returned to the inbox, I saw the mails but messeges were blanc. I restarted thunderbird and all the inbox messages were gone. I closed thunderbird, erase all the .msf and started thunderbird.
Inbox is receiving fine the new messages, subfolders are ok, BUT I LOST ALL MAILS FROM INBOX.

inside ".mozilla-thunderbird/yqk73t4h.default/Mail/Local Folders" Inbox has just a few Kbs. (I believe to be empty)
inside ".mozilla-thunderbird/yqk73t4h.default/Mail/my_mail_server" Inbox still have a fez MBs. (I believe to contain my mails)

I replaced the small inbox with the big but thunderbird can't open it.

Reproducible: Sometimes

Steps to Reproduce:
1.erase a big quantity of mails from a subfolder (7000)
2.erase a big quantity of mails from another subfolder (5000)
3.wait until it is done and return to inbox
Actual Results:  
Lost all e-mail that were not in a sub-folder

It happened the same more os less one year ago with another version of thunderbird.
Hi, dod you use pop or imap ?

do you have big .smf files lying around your folder ?

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9 years ago

No, there are no big .smf files here, the biggest file is a subfolder with 30 MB. Most of my work e-mails are logs, very small text files that doesn't use much space.

I'm using pop3.


Comment 3

9 years ago
I think ludo meant .msf files :)
if you deleted only the .msf files, you should not have lost your inbox.
anyway, if you are using pop, shouldn't your messages still be on the server?
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Summary: Lost Inbox e-mails but not subfolder e-mails nor profiles → Lost pop Inbox e-mails but not subfolder e-mails nor profiles
Yes I meant .msf files those can be deleted without issues.

>anyway, if you are using pop, shouldn't your messages still be on the server?

That depends on how you configure your pop account.

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8 years ago
 joaopcrodrigues, is this reproducible?  have you seen this again?
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