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--browser-chrome Mochitests on Fennec [awesome bar]


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Testdev bug to automate tests for Fennec to exercise the awesome bar (including history and search providers).  There is a lot to automate in this area, but this is a great list to start with:

    * Verify Awesome Bar displays history/bookmarks
    * Verify we can use the search providers that we have by default
    * Verify clear history removes history and retains bookmarks
Blocks: 553474
Some more details on testing awesomebar

* verify awesome bar displays history/bookmarks
1) browse to 4 or 5 webpages
2) focus on the awesome bar
3) verify the list of urls for the webpages is visible in the awesome bar (todo: figure out if we need panning)
4) unfocus from awesomebar

* verify panning in the awesomebar
1) browse to 10 different web pages
2) focus on the awesomebar
3) pan (vertical) to the bottom (this should take a couple pans)
4) pan (vertical) back to the top
5) unfocus from awesomebar

* verify panning and opening of awesomebar entries (assuming history of sites)
1) focus on the awesomebar
2) pan down to the bottom
3) click on the last entry
4) verify you open the page
5) focus on the awesomebar
6) enter 'mozilla'
7) verify results are filtered
8) verify you can pan filtered results
9) verify you can open a result from a filtered list

* Verify content in awesomebar entries
1) browse to a website
2) observe url, title, favicon
3) and add a bookmark
4) focus on url bar
5) type title in the awesomebar
6) ensure filter on title results in website from step 1
7) verify title, favicon and url is displayed
8) verify yellow star next to entry
9) unfocus from awesomebar

* verify default search providers
1) focus on awesomebar
2) foreach provider (google, amazon, twitter, wikipedia)
2.1) enter 'mozilla' in awesomebar, then click on given provider
2.2) verify you load a search page at provider with the search term 'mozilla'

* verify clear history flushes awesomebar (assuming other tests have ran first)
1) verify a list of history and bookmarks
2) click preferences button
3) click clear
4) click back button
5) focus in awesomebar
6) ensure history is removed, but all bookmarks remain

This doesn't do in depth coverage of awesome bar sorting algorithms, details of corner cases of text for searching, titles, urls, search_providers.
There are problems with awesomebar, which are noted in
Closing all opened bug in a graveyard component
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