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9 years ago
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9 years ago
The toronto office currently has a ProCurve 2510 24-port switch that is full to capacity, and all the ports in our office are not currently lit.  Additionally, we are expanding into new space which will involve additional network runs.

The 2 year projections are that this office should be able to support 25-30 employees (currently 16) with VoIP phones and assorted wireless and wired desktop machines, plus conference room equipment, so I'd say another 24- or 32-port switch is probably warranted, but I'll leave the details to you guys.
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9 years ago
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9 years ago
Over to dmoore for planning.

Do you have a timeline?  I'd also interested in deploying new wifi out there to match what new Mountain View will have.
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9 years ago
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9 years ago
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9 years ago
This week is demolition and next week is construction, so we certainly wouldn't
need it any earlier than May. And we have enough right now to basically
function - we've just hit the point of "Is anyone using 33, because if not, I'm
stealing its port on the switch to bring 21 up" so getting something in the
next month or so would be good.
Now that we know how many pulls we're running, do we know what size switch we want?

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9 years ago
Actually, the pulls conversation was rekindled - Justin suggests just going whole hog at least for pulls, though they don't all need switch service immediately.

Still though, Mike's right - lotta new pulls, I don't think a second 24-port is going to be enough, long term, especially if we don't want to be doing the port-juggling from comment 2.

If we were going to do this properly, we'd build out for:

30 people (with 1 port live, one port dark-but-wired)
5 conference rooms * 2 ports
2 ports out in the kitchen area

that's 42, but in addition to that we have the legacy ports along the walls (the ones we used to use, before the office reno moved our desks away from the walls, to be serviced by ceiling drop pack-poles), and we'll want some extra capacity for lighting up the alternate ports on the desks for employees who need them.

I don't think 64 ports, total, would be unreasonable, by that math.

What do you think, matthew/derek?

If we actually lit every pull in the office right from the get-go, I think we'd be at exactly 100 ports, by my count.

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9 years ago
Justin recommended two runs per in case one breaks, not that all will need to be wired from day one.

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9 years ago
This is blocked on the 650 Castro move.  We'll be tearing down 4 Cisco switches in building S that we'll send up to Toronto.

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9 years ago
shipping out monday
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