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"Open Link in New Tab" should come first


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Not set





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Right-clicking a link the menu shows up with "Open Link in New Window" and then "Open Link in New Tab". I think "Open Link in New Tab" should be above since the user generally wants to open a new tab, not a new window.
I noticed it in Google Chrome 2 and I find it very handy.

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I like the idea since tabs browsing is more common now.  IE 7 and Opera 9.63 both have the tab option before the window option.
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Does the UX team agree?
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yeah, makes sense.  We probably want to go back and look at all of our context menus to make sure things are right.
Could someone iterate all context menus where this change would apply?
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I swear this is a dupe, but I can't find it.

We'll certainly break users by changing this behaviour, whether we care is the question. :)
The opposite change is called for in bug 490507.
Didn't we have an extended conversation about this about six years ago? I have searched Bugzilla but can't find it. I believe it occurred pretty soon after tabs were introduced. 

It is logical that the "window" menu options are listed above the "tab" menu options. Windows contain tabs. Tabs do not contain windows. 

It would be illogical and unnatural to list "tab" options before "window" options. 

For the sake of logic, the File menu should be left the same. For the same of UI consistency, and the serendipity of the last menu item being easier to mouse to than the second-to-the-last menu item, the "tabs" item in the History menu should be moved below the "window" item. See the bug report I mentioned above: bug 490507. 

I recommend WONTFIX here.
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Six years ago would have been the Mozilla Suite.  Or Firebird 0.7.  It was a long time ago, when we defaulted to windows over tabs, and no other major browser supported tabs.  Conclusions then should not impair decisions now.

Your apparent logic implies that there should be a hierarchy among same-level UI based on conceptual purity over frequency of use.  We should focus on frequency of use and optimize for the majority case, which is definitely tabs at this point.
Bug 149297 ftw :)

Context menus are:

Browser, Bookmarks, History (may be the same as bookmarks). That should be it, afaik. Bookmarks and history include sidebar, library, menu, toolbar, etc. but they all get there context menus from the same place.
I have posted further arguments as to why this should be WONTFIX at bug 490507 comment 4.
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