Password required popup window should appear in taskbar always




9 years ago
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Windows Vista
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9 years ago
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Assumption: The "passwort required" dialog appears immediately at every Firefox start. For example, when using a master passwort and the extension foxmarks (now called xmarks)

An entry in the taskbar for the "Password required" dialog is shown when calling the firefox.exe without a parameter that opens a website.

But when opening Fx by clicking a link from the outside, so that firefox.exe is called with the page-address as parameter, no entry is shown in the taskbar.

Together with Bug 470006, this makes finding or even noticing the popup window, that could be in the background in the meantime, very difficult.

Plus, as long as the dialog is alive, other links that are clicked in the meantime do not get opened (and do not get "cached" to also load in Fx when the password has been entered)

Reproducible: Always
Not a shell integration bug... moving over to security since the related bug is in security.
Component: Shell Integration → Security
QA Contact: shell.integration → firefox

Comment 2

9 years ago
For Fx 3.5 the problem is even harder:

When normally starting Firefox (let's say via a desktop link without parameters) not even an entry in the taskbar is shown for the "password required" dialog.

I'm asking for a blocking3.5 because this is really a serious concern which can prevent the user from using Firefox because the browser window isn't appearing and he can't see the "password required" dialog cause it's maybe hidden under some other windows.

Does anyone have comments for that?
Flags: blocking-firefox3.5?
We need someone to confirm the bug (Rob? Johnath?) first, and then determine what's happening and what we need to do to solve it. Don't think this blocks, but we should fix it on trunk and then see if we can port it to 1.9.1.x thereafter.
Flags: blocking-firefox3.5? → blocking-firefox3.5-

Comment 4

7 years ago
I think the master password should *not* be asked in a popup window, because:

a) Potential security risk. Another user could plant a program to check if FF is running, pop up a prompt that looks exactly like the FF master password, and capture it for subsequent use.

b) It's modal, and it pops up at random times, so it becomes a nuisance by capturing keystrokes intended for other windows.

I'll leave it to others to decide whether the taskbar is the right place, but it should certainly be a specific area of the *main* firefox window and not something that pops up separately.
Dupe of bug 665935?
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