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I don't know, if Mozilla support FRAME and FRAMESET. I hope, that future Netscape 6.0 will support them like MS IE does. To support them is the ONLY way to get SIMILAR borders to IE 5.x and NN 6.x browsers, because NN scroll borders among document, if they are set to other elemens.

This CSS could help all border problems in nested framesets:

frameset.frameset {black;border:1px solid #636}

Because %coreatts; a allow to FRAME and FRAMESET, MS IE doesn't do nothing
against the official HTML 4.x/XHTML 1.x recommendations.
I have proposed the same matter to Opera Software, because also Opera scroll borders, if they are set to element BODY (I know, that Opera and Mozilla do according to CSS2 spec. and MS IE not).

I have not for a long time tested Mozilla because last tests were so big
disappointments - Mozilla was too unreliable and it doesn have serios display problems. I have now informed, that only MS IE support Internationalization attributes 'lang' and 'dir'. If NS 6.x supports them also,
it is good, but I just have not tested (I tested <BDO dir... with Opera, but
it doesn't support 'dir').

Brian Wilson's Index DOT Html doesn't list yet Netscape 6.x and I can't get yet proper information about it in: + Attributes2.html

Also following elements, which have %coreattrs; is not supported with CSS in any browser, which I have tested even if it would be very reasonable:
BR (IE and Opera support it in XML documents, but not in HTML)

Also supporting of form elements could be better.
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