Calendar events hosted on MailEnable Pro 3.6 do not show up because of missing ALLDAYEVENT tag



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Lightning 0.9




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I am running Mac OS X 10.5.6, Thunderbird build 20090302, and Lighting 0.9 build 2008091721 on my desktop client.  I am attempting to sync with my calendar hosting on my MailEnable Professional 3.6 server running on Windows 2003 Server.

Using these instructions:, I have gotten Lightning to synchronize my calendars hosted on my MailEnable server, except that MailEnable's webmail calendar will not display events created in Lighting.  The .CAL files are posted to the server, but MailEnable will not display them because, when an event is NOT an all day event, Lighting omits the <ALLDAYEVENT>0</ALLDAYEVENT> tag, rather that explicitly setting it to zero.  MailEnable's calendar apparently requires this.  As soon as I add this tag to the XML for the event stored in Postoffices\mydomain\MAILROOT\myuser\Calendar\_index.xml, the event will appear in the MailEnable web calendar view.

If I create an all day event in Lighting and sync it, the event WILL appear in MailEnable web calendar, because the <ALLDAYEVENT> tag is present.

So, it seems that MailEnable requires that the tag <ALLDAYEVENT> be explicitly set to 0, rather than simply omitted, when the event is not an all-day event.

If you'd like Lighting to be compatible with this popular mail/calendar server, you might want to add this to the software.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Set up Lighting to sync with MailEnable calendar with the instructions posted here:

2. Create a new calendar, hosted on the network, with the address http://server:8080/calendar/.

3. Place two events on this calendar.  One as an all-day event, and one not.

4. Log into MailEnable web mail and click "Calendar"  Only the all-day event will appear.  However, if you look at the actual text file of the calendar event on the MailEnable web server at {MAILENABLE ROOT}\Postoffices\mydomain\MAILROOT\myuser\Calendar, both events will be there.

5. Edit the _index.xml file.  Find the XML for the missing event, and add <ALLDAYEVENT>0</ALLDAYEVENT> to the entry.  Save the file

6. Go back to MailEnable Webmail.  The missing event shows up.
Actual Results:  
When entering an event in Lighting that is synced with a MailEnable calendar, only all-day events show up in MailEnable webmail.

Expected Results:  
An event created in Lighting in a calendar that is synced with a MailEnable mail and calendar server, and is NOT an all day event, should show up in the MailEnable web interface when the calendar is viewed.  It does not.

I have not tried to reproduce this problem on Windows.  I will do so and report back.  If you will contact me privately via e-mail, I will provide credentials to a test account on our MailEnable mail/calendar server.  Thanks!
According to the link above CalDAV is used to access the server, updating component to CalDAV provider. 

Without further looking at this issue I'd blame the MailEnable Professional 3.6 server. Based on your description it seems that the server converts from the received iCalendar format to some custom XML format. During conversion it doesn't create the custom ALLDAYEVENT entry for non-all-day events.
Component: Lightning Only → Provider: CalDAV
QA Contact: lightning → caldav-provider
Version: unspecified → Lightning 0.9
Will, have you tried to contact the creator of MailEnable based on Stefan's analysis in comment#1?
No reponse from reporter to comment#2. Feel free to re-open if you have any new information. -> INCOMPLETE
Last Resolved: 9 years ago
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