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print card/contact is completely unstyled and hard to read with Lightning enabled


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Cards/contacts are being printed completely unstyled and hard to read, like if the css is not applied, like this:

Wilberg, Steffen Display Name: Steffen

Wheras in Thunderbird 2, it looks like this:
  *Card for Wilberg, Steffen*
  Display Name: Steffen Wilberg

1. Open the Address Book
2. Select a card.
3. Menu File -> Print Preview Contact
I thought we fixed something like this recently...
wfm, with the same build on XP.
Ah, this only occurs if I have Lightning (latest 1.0pre 07-May-2009 04:36 PST nightly) enabled.
Summary: print card/contact is completely unstyled and hard to read → print card/contact is completely unstyled and hard to read with Lightning enabled
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> Ah, this only occurs if I have Lightning (latest 1.0pre 07-May-2009 04:36 PST
> nightly) enabled.

So I'm thinking this is likely a Lightning bug in that case - there's possibly something incorrectly interacting with TB somehow.
Component: Address Book → Lightning Only
Product: Thunderbird → Calendar
QA Contact: address-book → lightning
When I set chrome://messagebody/content/addressbook/print.css as Thunderbird startpage, it displays fine with Lightning disabled, but results in the following error with Lightning enabled (profile names stripped out):

The file jar:file:///C:/Users/.../AppData/Roaming/Thunderbird/Profiles/....default/extensions/{...}/chrome/lightning.jar!/content/messagebody/addressbook/print.css cannot be found. Please check the location and try again.

This points to "lightning.jar" in the profiles/extensions directory, but print.css file is in "messenger.jar" in the app/chrome directory.
(In reply to comment #6)
> Are these chrome registrations of mail, suite and lightning for messagebody
> conflicting with each other?

Well Mail & Suite are fine. The Lightning one is a little strange. It'd be interesting to know if Lightning could do the override without the content registration.
Blocks: 435390
Maybe you can test if replacing "messagebody" with something unique like "lightning-messagebody" in the Lightning files fixes the issue:
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Removing the content registration line is enough to fix this bug, and doesn't break the styling of invitation emails. Those only break when removing the following override line.

You can easily test this without rebuilding by simply removing this line from you extensions/lightning/chrome.manifest file:
content messagebody jar:chrome/lightning.jar!/content/messagebody/ contentaccessible=yes
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Have you tested that invitations on imap server still work? (the bug 435390 you mentioned)

I don't have the setup to test this topics, moving review to Philipp.
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Looks fine, the messages are still styled.

We really need to file a bug to make the message body look less I mean...old :-)
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