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10 years ago
If the Firefox extensions directory on is no longer being used,
I'd like to remove those pages from the repository.  It looks like all relevant
pages are being redirected, but I wanted to check first before doing anything.
I don't know what that directory is, which means we haven't used it in the last 3+ years. I'm okay with removing it.

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10 years ago
OK, the files are gone.  If you need to bring anything back, let me know.
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10 years ago
I'm confused.  When I search at Google for "how do I create a thunderbird extension" the first hit is

which tells me that this page is highly out-of-date.  I have to assume:

    * people still want to learn how to write Thunderbird extensions

    * somehow you no longer provide that information on the up-to-date website

Consequently, people who want to learn are directed to outdated information.

I would suggest one of the following possibilities:

   * delete the archive version altogether so Google can go about finding something more appropriate

   * make the above link redirect somewhere more up-to-date (perhaps something outside of

   * restore the above content to the current site and update its content

Comment 4

10 years ago
> * make the above link redirect somewhere more up-to-date (perhaps something
> outside of

This is our preferred option for handling archived pages, although there is not always a suitable page to redirect people to.  If you know of a page to redirect that Thunderbird extension doc to, feel free to let us know (please open a different bug though since this bug is about the Firefox Extension directory).
The new Add-on Developer Hub has a page on Thunderbird add-ons here:

or it could just point to the MDC Thunderbird Extensions index:

(Please file a separate bug as David mentioned if you think either of these is appropriate)


8 years ago
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