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iframes do not print since bug 485275 landed


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This clearly blocks.

I wish we could write a test for this but I suspect we currently can't due to the way printing iframes works ("badly").
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actually a reftest-print reftest with iframes probably would just work...
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(In reply to comment #3)
> actually a reftest-print reftest with iframes probably would just work...

Apparently not. I tried using a page with an image as the ref, and the test was just an iframe of the ref. This worked fine when manually print-previewing them. But when running them as reftests the test would not draw the the image by the time the reftest harness took the snapshot (the iframe border at least was getting drawn when I allowed it to have a border). I tried doing some hacky things combining reftest-print and reftest-wait and removing the reftest-wait part when the iframe document had loaded, but I couldn't get it to work. Not surprising given the reftest readme:

"The underlying layout support for this mode isn't really complete; it doesn't use exactly the same codepath as real print preview/print. In particular, scripting and frames are likely to cause problems;"

Perhaps a test of print previewing a page with an iframe could be added to the basic functionality tests that are performed for releases.
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