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9 years ago
If I edit an article in the Administration category, it uses a different editor than when editing a KB article. We've come across bugs that were a result of tweaking the KB editor, then forgetting to apply that tweak elsewhere. I don't see any reason to use a different editor for any category.
I thought there was a project to redo the entire editor. It would be nice to draw up a plan and have an all-purpose editor ready for all articles, forum threads, and anything else that uses wiki syntax, etc.

David, if we have something like this going on in the plans, I could take part in it over the summer. It's not quite as important for UX as actually improving the presentation of information, though.

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9 years ago
I think the idea of using the same editor for KB articles and forums is separate from this bug, which is about about using the same editor no matter which category (Staging, Admin, How to contribute) the article is in or which stylesheet it uses.

The The PRD for the new editor is at <>. Is this bug not worth implementing before then for the amount of work? If not, we can just add this to the PRD.

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9 years ago
bug 498056 comment 15 by paulc:
"So how serious of a problem is this? Should we do anything about it
yet, or wait until the editor milestone?"

The new editor seems to be a long way away. It's dependent on a lot of factors, including rewriting SHOWFOR and biggest of all WYSIWYG, which right now looks like it requires us to update to a newer version of tikiwiki.

I think it's more a matter of weighing the cost of dealing with issues (time spend finding, coding fixes, review, and QA) that need fixing because of the fact that we use a different editor in different situations vs. the cost of forcing all categories to use the same editor.

Yet we continue to run into

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9 years ago
I wish I had seen before. Lots of similarities with discussions & efforts within Tiki community.

I just added a link to a brainstorming page (of which many things have been done in Tiki3 and Tiki4)

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7 years ago
It's fixed in Kitsune.
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