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test_bug482461.html randomly fails


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I caught this random failure in a debugger with extensive logging enabled. Decoding appears to be stalled with mBufferExhausted set to 1 but we're still in DECODER_STATE_DECODING. Unfortunately gdb is super-lame in my Linux VM and can't give me stacks for non-main threads, but it seems to me that the loop "while (mDecodedFrames.IsEmpty() && !mIsDecodingCompleted)" needs to also check mBufferExhausted, otherwise we can get into a situation where mBufferExhausted is 1, the step decode thread is Wait()ing indefinitely under "if (mDecodeStateMachine->mBufferExhausted)", and the decoder thread is simply looping in its while loop.

Of course I can't verify that my patch fixes the bug, but it does seem necessary.

I moved the NotifyAll to after we set mBufferExhausted to true. We don't want the decoder thread to wake up, see that mBufferExhausted is false, and go to sleep again.

I removed the check for mState == DECODER_STATE_DECODING because nothing could have released the monitor since the last check of mState, and this confusingly implies that something could have.
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We probably don't need to block the release on this, but if I'm right and this fixes significant random failures, it'd be great to have.
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We think this fixes some random video test failures. The patch is very low risk, we just exit a loop in an extra case where it's clearly appropriate to exit.
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