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When working with multiple FireFox profiles, no indication to user as to which windows are with which profile


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When using Firefox in a testing environment, or with development, I often use multiple profiles.  Currently, although it is comparatively simple to start up with any given profile, and to start windows with additional profiles, there is no indication to the user about which instance is running against which profile.  This would be very useful for debugging purposes for testers and other users who utilize multiple profiles in Firefox.

Reproducible: Always
You can use the nightly tester tools extension ( to customise your title bar to include the profile that instance of fx is running.
Just a note, that I use the ProfileSwitcher add-on, and I configure it to put the current profile name in the bottom-left status area.

Now that Firefox has profile pictures, I propose that we can give users the option of showing their profile picture overlayed on the Firefox icon. That way it is visible when switching apps, which is my current pain point.

I use Firefox with both a personal profile and a work profile. It is nice to have the separation of bookmarks as well as account logins, history, etc. I don't want to close my personal profile, but I also don't want to accidentally switch to it while presenting in a meeting.

I don't have experience contributing to Firefox but I'm not opposed to doing so if that's what it takes to get this feature.

If anyone has any guidance to give or would like to contribute to this idea, I am all ears and would welcome feedback, advice, and direction!


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Flags: needinfo?(Jackman3000)
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