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9 years ago
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9 years ago
Personas doesn't explicitly set the backgroundPosition to top right when a persona is selected, so if another app has changed the position, the Personas doesn't display correctly.

Along with all the other things it sets against the main-window CSS, Personas should be explicitly setting backgroundPosition to top right
Personas does actually explicitly set the background position to top right, but it does so via a stylesheet rule:

#main-window[persona] {
  background-repeat: no-repeat;
  background-position: top right;

If another extension sets the background position via the style.backgroundPosition property, it'll take precedence over the rule Personas specifies due to the CSS cascade assigning a greater weight to that property.

I'm not quite sure what the right solution is. Personas could set that property itself, which would make sure this doesn't happen, although at the cost of less flexibility and greater complexity.  We've generally avoided setting those properties in Personas for those reasons, preferring stylesheet rules that can be easily enabled and disabled (in fact we recently pulled out a bunch of code that was setting properties).

Alternately, if there is a specific extension that is setting the property, perhaps we could get it to switch to setting a stylesheet rule that can be overridden by the personas rule, so that extension's rule is applied when a persona is not selected, while Personas' rule is applied when a persona is selected.

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8 years ago
I guess this will mostly go away with the new lightweight theming stuff in Firefox 3.6, so we might not need to worry about it.

We are using stylesheets as well (basically the same method as persona).

I had put in code that explictly set the backgroundPosition because persona was taking preference due to the cascade.

Luckily with FF 3.6 I can detect the persona switch and do the right thing.
This is now handled via Firefox. If it is still a problem please open a bug under Firefox -> Theme.
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