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DOM hasFeature() inaccurate -- eg., says "MutationEvents" not supported when they are


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The JS code
  document.implementation.hasFeature("MutationEvents", "2.0")
returns false, even though Firefox 3.0.x _does_ support DOMAttrModified and the other DOM Mutation events.

The fix is to add a line or two to content/base/src/nsGenericElement.cpp, near line 1360. I'd be glad to supply a patch, except that someone more knowledgable needs to check whether any other features are wrongly reported. (For instance, I understand that Firefox 3.5 will support the "Traversal" module of DOM Level 2.)

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
Execute the Javascript code
  document.implementation.hasFeature("MutationEvents", "2.0")
and note the result.

Actual Results:  
The expression returns false.

Expected Results:  
The expression should return true.

If my understanding is correct, this is a bug in Gecko.
Rough-draft, untested patch for discussion.

Changes gecko to report support for version "2.0" of "Traversal" and "MutationEvents".

Question: are there any other supported-but-not-reported features?
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We don't like hasFeature.  The spec says to only return true for a fixed set of strings, for compat:

<> suggests that only WebKit returns true for "MutationEvents" or "Traversal"; IE and Gecko do not.  So I'd say WebKit should change to match the majority, and make this bug WONTFIX.  Authors should be using actual feature-detection to determine support here.
Yes, please close this bug as WONTFIX.

One more reason to do so: DOM4 will provide a replacement for MutationEvents (see Goal #3 at because "the old model was problematic".

But the main reason is that "hasFeature" is a bad design, just as Aryeh Gregor said. Testing for the existence of functions and methods is a much better approach.
Bug 801425 would fix this, by just making hasFeature() return true for everything.
Depends on: 801425
Bug 801425 has fixed this (by making hasFeature() always return true).
Closed: 12 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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