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buildbotcustom: revisit inheritance for '*UnittestBuildFactory'


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Bug 494676 comment 13:
From  Robert Kaiser   2009-05-26 10:46:53 PDT

the unit test
factories sucks by not knowing about mozillaDir or mozillaObjdir, which is only
defined in the MercurialBuildFactory from they should be derived in theory but
aren't in practice.
We need to either introduce it at least in
CCUnittestFactory or hardcode the "mozilla" subdir (which the other CC*Factory
implementations do by passing just that as mozillaDir to the generic ones).


There is:
class MozillaBuildFactory(BuildFactory):
class MercurialBuildFactory(MozillaBuildFactory):
class CCMercurialBuildFactory(MercurialBuildFactory):

Current state is:
class UnittestBuildFactory(MozillaBuildFactory):
class CCUnittestBuildFactory(MozillaBuildFactory):

New suggested state would be:
class UnittestBuildFactory(MercurialBuildFactory):
class CCUnittestBuildFactory(MercurialBuildFactory):

In addition or at least, we might want to look into:
class CCUnittestBuildFactory(UnittestBuildFactory):

I'll let you confirm whether I understood this right.
The target IMHO should be:

class UnittestBuildFactory(MercurialBuildFactory):
class CCUnittestBuildFactory(CCMercurialBuildFactory, UnittestBuildFactory):
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Just a heads up that once unittests on packaged builds are working for both optimized and debug builds, we're not going to need the UnittestBuildFactory any more.
Oh, but _we_ (at least SeaMonkey) will need it, because:

1) We have no debug build cycles enabled for other platforms than Linux due to VM shortage but don't want to lose leak numbers.
2) We can't afford to spend more machine time on testing due to VM shortage, so we can't run tests on both opt and debug builds.
3) We have no package list for Mac, so we can't enable tests on build boxes without having test files in all packages.
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Given that we've moved away from using UnittestBuildFactory - I don't see anything getting done here. If you guys want to inherit differently, that's up to you.
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