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OS X: Remove resize mark between location bar and search bar


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Firefox 3.6a1


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This control is mostly visual noise, let's just remove it like we did for the other 3 themes.  Discoverability of the ability to re-size these fields (without mousing over to investigate) isn't worth the cost of a lack of minimalism, especially on OS X.
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patch should be ui-review beltzner since I proposed the change.
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This is a bit of a mess, because the location bar and the search bar are bigger than they look. For example, -moz-margin-start: -6px should really be -4px.
Bug 482086 and bug 482105 will solve this.
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This had already been done for the firefox 3 theme, btw. For some reason that I don't know, or for no reason, it came back with a proto update.
Do we really need this? Comment 2 and 3 make me wonder why we think it's super-important to take this for Firefox 3.5 at this time in the cycle.
(at the very least we should include the comments from comment 2 in the patch)
I'll include comment 2 before landing.
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Told Dao that we should try this on trunk, first. a=beltzner for mozilla-central only.
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I don't think I want to mess around with this in 191 this late in the game.

Fine to keep it on trunk, though.
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