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Easy to lose access to canvas from first-start screen


(Firefox for Android Graveyard :: General, defect)

Windows Vista
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fennec 1.0b2+ ---


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1) Start Fennec on desktop
2) Do a few drags from left-to-right and right to left to verify panning and display of the toolbars.
3) Sometimes, on a right-to-left drag, you'll end up with the canvas entirely off screen and the navigation toolbar on the left side overlapping the tab bar.
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Is this with kinetic scrolling enabled? If so, try it with kinetic turned off.
Yes, this is after the patch that reenabled it... I'll turn off in the code and retest.
OK, I turned off kinetic in the code and wasn't able to reproduce the problem.  I suspect that we're getting some off-the-scale horizontal numbers somehow that aren't working.  I'll add logging into the pan code to try to capture what happened, maybe add an assert if the x coord of the toolbar panel goes below a certain threshhold.
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in some cases we're ending up with mouse events being added with the same timestamp, which results in us doing a divide-by-0 in our averaging code, which ends up with NaN speeds and lots of fail
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This patch fixed this bug... looked at the code and it seems fine to me.
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