Lowercase text strings in GUI should not be implemented by CSS because of l10n issues



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10 years ago
This Bug is created as a spin-off from Bug 489999, but it should be valid all over the complete GUI.

UI designers sometimes use lowercase strings in GUI instead off the typographical correct capitalization - because of optical design decisions. In en-US this looks quite good, but in languages like German, it's IMHO not acceptable. E.g. word chains (in German "Wortketten") like 'konten-einstellungen' look ugly and are actual not correct.

So, if UI designers decide to implement lowercase strings, this should/must be done in *.dtd/*.properties files - _not_ in CSS. CSS makes it impossible for localizers to use correct/better looking capitalization for their language.

Implementing the lowercase strings in *.dtd/*.properties files forces us to have duplicated entities for strings, which are used lowercase at one place and capitalized at another place.

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10 years ago
Uh, i'm sorry -- I forgot that the patch in 48999 actually hasn't landed yet -- at which point it doesn't make sense to file this bug, as it doesn't exist yet -- afaik, there is no CSS directive to lowercase the text in the tree.  I'll fix it in 48999.  Apologies for the waste of time!
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