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update 3.5 version of with correct screenshots


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Updated the screenshots on the three Firefox pages in r28018:

faaborg: There is some minor dithering as I've used 256-color PNGs (there's still a pretty major bandwidth savings over full-color), but I think they look pretty good.

I have the bookmarks bar turned OFF in most of the screenshots as per our previous discussion.

One customization I did do is use the "Graphite" appearance option for the top left window controls in the OS X shots. I cheated a bit and just pasted the graphic versions of those controls in (rather than using entire screenshots with graphite, as the buttons/scrollbars would look too different). The reason for using graphic for these top left window control in the screenshots is that the Red/Yellow/Green gradients on them introduce a lot of colors into the 256-palette and add a surprising amount of extra dithering. The graphite versions are also a bit less distracting.

Let me know if this is too much of a deviation from the default (I don't think people will notice it).
Looks great to me so far - thanks!
The screenshots in the Press Image Library are all updated now too (r28216).
Screen shots on the three Firefox pages are fine.  The 256 color PNGs aren't great with the Vista back and forward buttons, but if the bandwidth savings are really significant, I guess that's the best compromise.

>The screenshots in the Press Image Library are all updated now too (r28216).

A few comments:

-bookmarks toolbar is still on in a few of the shots.  I think we should turn it off, but if we do decide to keep it be sure to use a fresh profile so the getting started favicon isn't the Mozilla dino (most people don't know what it is, and the bright red really doesn't help the overall appearance of the theme).

-should we point the screen shot versions of the browser to the stage server so we can get the new logo and "Firefox 3.5" on the page?  or alternatively I would be fine with just using about:blank
Re: comment #4, those are good observations, but since the screenshots aren't exactly wrong and we still have more to do, my recommendation is that we take care of all the remaining pre-launch tasks first and then come back and fix these if/when there's time.

Thanks all-
Thanks, John.  Agree.  The issues mentioned shouldn't be showstoppers.  If we have time to fix, great.  Otherwise, I'm ok pushing them as is.
Ok, the screenshots on the Firefox Features page are updated. Please review (both mac and Vista versions):
Screenshots on the Performance page are updated now too (r28482) - also Mac/Vista. Preview here:
Looks great to me, although Alex is certainly the true expert on this.

Are there any other significant screenshots left, or has everything been covered?
Download page and Tips pages are the last key ones I know of. Working on them now.
Screenshots on Download pages updated (the page you see after you click the download button) in r28520. Both Vista and Mac versions (note that you need IE to see the Vista versions).
Now that the Tips page is done, I think we're actually set for screenshots, but would appreciate having any we've missed pointed out. Safe to CLOSE?
Thanks Steven. I'm marking this as resolved - let's start up a new, post-3.5 bug for any other changes that need to be made.
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