Push SUMO 1.1 release on Thursday, June 11



10 years ago
5 years ago


(Reporter: laura, Assigned: oremj)



(Whiteboard: June 11th)



10 years ago
This is the screencast release (yay for <video>!!!!)

Tag and other required changes for the push are coming.

Comment 1

10 years ago
Looks like it will be June *9* sorry for typo!  Just want more time for QA.
Summary: Push SUMO 1.1 release on Tuesday, June 2 → Push SUMO 1.1 release on Tuesday, June 9
Just a note, as per bug 495902, we will need to update htaccess on production, after push (run webroot/htaccess.sh).


10 years ago
Assignee: server-ops → oremj
The SQL in https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/attachment.cgi?id=378514 from bug 493895 needs to be run before the 1.1 push.

For reference, bug 495072 can be reviewed for when this was run on SUMO's staging server.

Comment 4

10 years ago
We want to hold this for two more days.  QA not 100% happy, and if they are not happy, I'm not happy.
Summary: Push SUMO 1.1 release on Tuesday, June 9 → Push SUMO 1.1 release on Thursday, June 11


10 years ago
Whiteboard: June 11th

Comment 5

10 years ago
Can we do this around 630pm?
(In reply to comment #5)
> Can we do this around 630pm?

I'm almost done testing, and am about to certify -- I'd say go for it, unless anyone else (Laura, David, Eric?) prefers another time.

Comment 7

10 years ago
630 is excellent for me.

Comment 8

10 years ago
The tag is

Other items:
1. (see comment #3) The SQL in https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/attachment.cgi?id=378514 from bug 493895 needs to be run

2. (see comment #2) You'll need to run (in webroot/) sudo ./htaccess.sh
This is the only thing for tonight and we're doing a release.  I'm not going to announce this but I believe all the owners/stakeholders are already aware of this change.

Comment 10

10 years ago
mysql> INSERT INTO users_permissions (`permName`, `permDesc`, `level`, `type`) values('tiki_p_upload_screencast', 'Can upload screencasts to wiki pages', 'registered', 'wiki');
Query OK, 1 row affected (0.01 sec)
A    webroot/js/wikiplugin_screencast.js
D    webroot/lang/sr-latn
D    webroot/lang/sr
A    webroot/lang/ms
A    webroot/lang/ms/language.php
A    webroot/lang/ms/index.php
A    webroot/lang/sr-LATN
A    webroot/lang/sr-LATN/language.php
A    webroot/lang/sr-LATN/index.php
A    webroot/lang/rm
A    webroot/lang/rm/language.php
A    webroot/lang/rm/index.php
A    webroot/lang/cy
A    webroot/lang/cy/language.php
A    webroot/lang/cy/index.php
U    webroot/lang/langmapping.php
A    webroot/lang/sr-CYRL
A    webroot/lang/sr-CYRL/ChangeLog
A    webroot/lang/sr-CYRL/language.php
A    webroot/lang/sr-CYRL/index.php
U    webroot/tiki-remind_password.php
U    webroot/tiki-newsearch.php
D    webroot/language_files/sr-latn
D    webroot/language_files/sr
A    webroot/language_files/ms
A    webroot/language_files/ms/old.php
A    webroot/language_files/ms/language.php
A    webroot/language_files/ms/index.php
A    webroot/language_files/sr-LATN
A    webroot/language_files/sr-LATN/old.php
A    webroot/language_files/sr-LATN/language.php
A    webroot/language_files/sr-LATN/index.php
A    webroot/language_files/rm
A    webroot/language_files/rm/old.php
A    webroot/language_files/rm/language.php
A    webroot/language_files/rm/index.php
A    webroot/language_files/cy
A    webroot/language_files/cy/old.php
A    webroot/language_files/cy/language.php
A    webroot/language_files/cy/index.php
A    webroot/language_files/sr-CYRL
A    webroot/language_files/sr-CYRL/old.php
A    webroot/language_files/sr-CYRL/ChangeLog
A    webroot/language_files/sr-CYRL/language.php
A    webroot/language_files/sr-CYRL/index.php
U    webroot/language_files/en/language.php
U    webroot/tiki-editpage.php
U    webroot/tiki-feedback.php
U    webroot/minify.php
A    webroot/tiki-upload_screencast_ajax.php
U    webroot/tiki-admin_include_wiki.php
A    webroot/lib/pear/HTTP/WebDAV
A    webroot/lib/pear/HTTP/WebDAV/Tools
A    webroot/lib/pear/HTTP/WebDAV/Tools/_parse_lock_response.php
A    webroot/lib/pear/HTTP/WebDAV/Tools/_parse_propfind_response.php
A    webroot/lib/pear/HTTP/WebDAV/Client.php
A    webroot/lib/pear/HTTP/WebDAV/Client
A    webroot/lib/pear/HTTP/WebDAV/Client/Stream.php
U    webroot/lib/search/sphinxlib.php
A    webroot/lib/wiki-plugins/wikiplugin_screencast.php
U    webroot/lib/wiki-plugins/wikiplugin_showfor.php
U    webroot/lib/setup/prefs.php
A    webroot/lib/webdav
A    webroot/lib/webdav/webdavlib.php
U    webroot/lib/commentslib.php
A    webroot/lib/screencasts
A    webroot/lib/screencasts/screencastlib.php
A    webroot/lib/screencasts/screencast.swf
A    webroot/styles/mozms2
A    webroot/styles/mozms2/sidebar-tb.png
A    webroot/styles/mozms2/sidebar-tb-ie6.png
A    webroot/styles/mozms2/sidebar-new.png
A    webroot/styles/mozms2/sidebar-wtgh.png
A    webroot/styles/mozms2/ie.css
A    webroot/styles/mozms2/ie7.css
A    webroot/styles/mozms2/logo-ff.png
A    webroot/styles/mozms2/sidebar.png
A    webroot/styles/mozms2/searchbar.png
A    webroot/styles/mozms2/sidebar-ie6.png
A    webroot/styles/mozms2/sidebar-sumo.png
A    webroot/styles/mozms2/sidebar-ways.png
A    webroot/styles/mozms2/buttons
A    webroot/styles/mozms2/buttons/btn_bg.jpg
U    webroot/styles/mozms.css
U    webroot/styles/mozcommon.css
U    webroot/styles/mozkb.css
A    webroot/styles/mozcommon/screencast-bar.png
A    webroot/styles/mozcommon/screencast-no-video.png
A    webroot/styles/mozcommon/screencast-player-frame.png
A    webroot/styles/mozcommon/screencast-player-close.png
U    webroot/tiki-view_forum.php
U    webroot/templates/tiki-adminusers.tpl
U    webroot/templates/tiki-newsearch.tpl
U    webroot/templates/tiki-admin-include-wiki.tpl
U    webroot/templates/styles/mozkb/tiki-view_forum.tpl
U    webroot/templates/styles/mozkb/mail/forum_post_notification.tpl
U    webroot/templates/styles/mozkb/comment-body.tpl
U    webroot/templates/styles/mozkb/tiki-editpage.tpl
A    webroot/templates/styles/mozms2
A    webroot/templates/styles/mozms2/tiki-interactive_trans.tpl
A    webroot/templates/styles/mozms2/module.tpl
A    webroot/templates/styles/mozms2/sidebar.tpl
A    webroot/templates/styles/mozms2/modules
A    webroot/templates/styles/mozms2/searchbar.tpl
A    webroot/templates/styles/mozms2/tiki-show_page.tpl
A    webroot/templates/styles/mozms2/tiki-page_bar.tpl
A    webroot/templates/styles/mozms2/index.php
A    webroot/templates/styles/mozms2/tiki.tpl
U    webroot/templates/styles/mozad/tiki-editpage.tpl
U    webroot/templates/styles/mozcommon/searchbar.tpl
U    webroot/htaccess.dist

Caches have also been cleared.
Last Resolved: 10 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Verified FIXED; this has been in production happily.
Component: Server Operations: Web Operations → WebOps: Other
Product: mozilla.org → Infrastructure & Operations
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