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One of the problems with JavaScript-based RIAs is the amount of library code that must be downloaded to provide the infrastructure required by these apps. I've often thought that it would be nice if we could just supply this code via the browser itself so that the libraries could be installed once and reused by different websites rather than be downloaded for each site. If these libraries could be implemented as Jetpacks we could achieve this. A web app could specify the libraries it needs as links to Jetpacks which would be downloaded if not already installed in the browser, once installed that particular version of
the Jetpack library would be available to any site that needs it.

This kind of scheme would level the playing field a bit against plugin-based RIAs such as flash where the Flash player is only installed once, not everytime we visit a new site that needs it (as we effectively do with JavaScript apps).

From what I've seen so far I guess this turns the Jetpack model 'inside out' in that the page would be calling the Jetpack rather than Jetpack modifying the page. Also, the Jetpack URL model whould have to modified to allow multiple Jetpacks to be loaded from a given page and some form of versioning implemented to allow dependencies to be maintained.

I've no idea how viable this is but preinstalled JavaScript libraries would really make JavaScript RIAs more responsive and less demanding on network bandwith. 

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Interesting idea, but not sure at this point if Jetpack is the right solution for this problem.
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We will be monitoring all these issues after the rebooted Jetpack code base is released in the first week of March to ensure their causes are not duplicated. Many of the bugs/issues with the prototype version of Jetpack will be made irrelevant given the structure of the new SDK.
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