Thunderbird include my IP address in the email header.



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I seek IP address as my privacy.

I'm currently unsing GMail email account when sending email with thunderbird.

GMail never include my IP address in the email header if I send email through GMail's web mail site.

I tried to send an email into my other email (Hotmail) by using Thunderbird. Then, I log on to Hotmail to read the header of the received email. I found that Thunderbird does include my computer's IP address (192.168.x.x) and the IP address assigned by my Internet Service Provider, in the email header.

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Thunderbird should have an option that let me hide my IP addresses (including my Computer's IP Address and the IP Address assigned by my ISP) by not include them in the email header. Or, if hiding the IP address assigned by my ISP is impossible, at least hide my computer's IP address.


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Summary: Thunderbird reveal my IP address. → Thunderbird include my IP address in the email header.


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Version: unspecified → 2.0

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I'm sure that's a duplicate, but as a short explanation:

- The IP address assigned by your *provider* is added by the outgoing mail
  server, where Gmail hides it for webmail but not for SMTP connections.

- There is a hidden preference mail.smtpserver.smtp#.hello_argument which
  you can set to prevent Thunderbird from sending your *local* IP address
  with the greeting to the mail server.

See for instructions and discussion on the IP header information (there are other threads as well).
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Based on the RFCs the Client must send it's own Domain in the Helo/EHLO command.
Just read as example rfc0821 but you can override that as rsx11m already explained.

The received by is added by the receiving mail server as well as the Output of the Helo/EHLO command.

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