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Multiple layout problems with manage collections add-ons page


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1) Useless horizontal scrollbar
2) No padding between comment and "Remove" link
3) Added date works fine on Shiretoko but pushes things off to the side on Firefox 3

see attached
(if any of this warrants its own bug, please feel free to spinoff)
Priority: -- → P4
Target Milestone: --- → 5.0.9
-> neil
Assignee: nobody → neilio
Attached patch Patch to fix these issues (obsolete) — Splinter Review
This should fix these up right.
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Patch to fix these issues

Looks great.  Can you commit this or do you need me to?
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Fixed: r49549.
Closed: 11 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Just tested on preview here:

The scrollbar is gone in both versions and the wide right margin is gone on Firefox 3. However, the remove link is still very close to the text and Firefox 3 still has two layout glitches. See attached.

Instead of widening the padding next to the remove link, why not just make it stay at the bottom under everything? There's already room underneath given for the edit/delete publisher comment links so it should just be down there in the lower-right corner with the comment going over it all the way to the right.
Resolution: FIXED → ---
Quick mockup for what I said at the end of comment 6 in case I was as unclear as I think it was. ;)
Looking at this and actually testing it out a fairly significant usability problem is evident - the "remove" link looks like it's tied to the publisher comment when it actually removes the add-on from the list. As there's no confirm for the remove action I'm thinking that moving this link is a good idea.

I propose something like this:

My suggestion is we push what we have for now as it fixes the issue for the majority of users, and we open a new bug to fix the positioning of this link.

clouserw, what say ye?
Changing the wording to "remove this add-on" as you suggest would definitely be better. Sticking it under the name could be good or with it reworded the lower-right corner would be good too. Either is better than currently.

Another bug for futzing with the remove link is fine by me, but what about the Firefox 3 specific layout glitches? (attachment 395484 [details]) Something is still causing breaking under Firefox 3.

As indicated by comment 1, I'm aware I filed 3 bugs in one here so if you want another for that too then I'll spinoff. Issue #1 is definitely fixed, though.
Yeah, "remove this add-on" is far better.  I don't care where the link is.  Neil: code freeze isn't until midnight tonight (PST).  Do you have time to make these changes in 5.0.9?
clouserw: should be fine - I'll ping on IRC if I run into any issues.
This patch moves the Remove link and updates the text at (in en-US for now) to "Remove this add-on".
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Moves the Remove link, tweaks the text

You'll have to change the text in addon_tags.thtml too.  It's line 263, same text change as the .po.
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Same as the last patch, but fixes the reference in the thtml for the new text.
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I changed the actual string use (in the edit.thtml file) too, and committed neilio's patch to r49697.

Is this bug fixed now? If so, please close it, neilio.
Keywords: push-needed
Closed: 11 years ago11 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
The remove link is better worded and in a better place now, but there's still problems here I'm afraid to say. The 'R' in remove is now touching or overlapping the lower right corner of my icon when testing with the test link in comment 6. Also, in Firefox 3 all the layout errors are still present. (mispositioned date and the weird hole in the paragraph; see attachment 395484 [details])
r49703 fixes the small margin issue. Dave, please break the Firefox 3 issue into a new bug.
Depends on: 511904
(In reply to comment #17)
> r49703 fixes the small margin issue.

Looks perfect under FF3.5 now, thanks.

> Dave, please break the Firefox 3 issue into a new bug.

Done -> bug 511904
Product: → Graveyard
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