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9 years ago
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9 years ago
I would like to be able to have separate long and short descriptions for collections, similar to add-ons. This would allow users to have a short description that describes what the collection is about whilst allowing more explanations and footnotes in a long description that is only showed when viewing the collection's page.

This would also allow collection creators to list explanations and URLs for external sources about the origin of their list or other non-AMO extensions without having to list them in the short description shown everywhere, as some are doing now. Would also allow for footnotes such as noting full Firefox 3.5 compatibility regardless of listed max versions, etc.

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9 years ago
This is also one of the possible solutions of the problems listed in Bug 507329, Bug 507834, Bug 503520 and Bug 503523.

People who want to promote their public collections or are building collaborative collections have much more essential things to say. 

Currently we are setting a bad limit which can't account for all use cases and users with all different locales.

Some users are really creative and here is how they workaround the bad limit. They added a dummy addon which is shown at the top. They put their descriptions and explanations as a comment here. It does work as long as you don't mind how ugly it is to attain what they aren't allowed to do.

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9 years ago

A WYSIWYG online editor would be welcome too.

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9 years ago
No WYSIWYG. It's all plain text for now. I think there's a request to allow basic formatting for a few things somewhere, but that's another issue.

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9 years ago
By definition, <textarea> can be called a WYSIWYG editor for plain text.  :)

Seriously, I agree with Dave that allowing formatting is not in the scope if this bug.  It seems to be addressed in bug 343573, though I am not sure whether 343573 is about allowing formatting in general or allowing specifically the use of HTML as a means of formatting.
HTML is allowed in some fields on AMO and is not in scope for this bug.

-> fligtar to see if this is something he wants.
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Thanks for filing this.  In an effort to not drown in existing reports we're aggressively closing old enhancements and bugs to get the buglist to a reasonable level so we can scope and process bug sprints in an effective manner.

Patches for this bug are still welcome.
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