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Add a "Miscellaneous" category for Sunbird



10 years ago
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(Reporter: davemgarrett, Assigned: jorgev)







10 years ago
I have an extension that's cross-application and supports Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, and Sunbird. With the browsers I can set a category that more or less fits, but with the birds there's nothing good. In Thunderbird I can just click the checkbox to say it doesn't fit in a category and be listed as "Miscellaneous", but Sunbird doesn't have this for some reason. I'm requesting a "Miscellaneous" category be added for Sunbird too, seeing as the 3 current extension categories don't cover much.

Granted, hardly anyone uses Sunbird and even fewer use the latest nightlies which is all I support, but nonetheless it would be nice to be able to categorize things at all here. ;)
We reluctantly added that category to the other apps because sometimes people just choose that one instead of thinking about it.  Sometimes it should be there though.  ->rbango for decision and action
Assignee: nobody → rbango
Perhaps there is a better category that we could add that would fit, other than misc?
Assignee: rbango → jorge
Severity: normal → enhancement
Priority: -- → P5
Target Milestone: --- → Future

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9 years ago
A genericy "Web and Developer Tools" added for both Thunderbird and Sunbird would probably fit, as that's what I stick it in for SeaMonkey. The asymmetry of the lack of a misc category for just one of the four bugs me nonetheless, even if there was a decent category. ;)

The add-on in question, by the way, is Crash Report Helper. Frankly, I'd like a similar category for Firefox as it only sorta fits there into "Alerts and Updates". Maybe just "Developer Tools" due to the already existing "Web Development" or change the later into the former to be more general. Probably not a big deal, though. I'd be happy if I just had a place to put it in for the birds.

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8 years ago
Sunbird is probably going to be retired in the near future:, so this bug might no longer be valid.
Last Resolved: 8 years ago
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