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Optimize munger looping


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(Reporter: Gijs, Assigned: rginda)


Relevant excerpts from IRC:

<Silver>	If you made mungePriority work all the way through a string, you'd not need to check the same priority in recursion.
* Gijs	actually proposes getting rid of the talkback munger, if we're on the subject
<Gijs>	nobody uses that anymore.
<Silver>	It's a little more complex than just sorting, but not much.
<Silver>	As I understand it, any munger match that starts before the end of the current match is invalidated.
<Silver>	Then you just need to re-scan any mungers that got invalidated and start again.
<Silver>	(Obviously shifting the non-invalidated ones along.)
<Gijs>	Silver: by the latter statement, you mean shifting the stored position of the matches based on the shorter string that you work with?
<Silver>	Gijs: Yes, or some equivalent.
<Silver>	Since you've replaced a chunk in the middle, you're now working on the right-hand-side of that match.
<Silver>	That'd work you left-to-right through the string doing all the $priority mungers. The bits between each match - and at both ends - would need to recurse, but don't need to consider >=$priority mungers.
<Glenjamin>	so you reckon we can retain the matches for any munger with start > first.end, discard any mungers which didnt match the first time, and re-run the ones with stat < first.end, and first itself
<Glenjamin>	recursing the bits which match nothing into the lower priorities
<Silver>	The munger that was selected, and any with start < first.end, need to be redone. That's all AFAICT.
<Gijs>	what about the leftcontext though... you would only need to match lower priority there, right?
<Silver>	Yes, all the non-matching parts go to lower priority mungers only.
<Silver>	(Left of each match and then remaining chunk.)
<Silver>	If you recurse all the blocks, you don't need the priority loop as such - it just picks the highest priority its allowed to and uses that.
Assignee: silver → rginda
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