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I copied the .ics file to my computer, then imported it into my (single) calendar on Lightning within Thunderbird.  It was not visible.

As a check, I exported my calendar as a .csv file, and all the public holidays were there, just as they should be.  But they are not visible in my calendar.  I added another event with the same category - it was visible, whereas the downloaded holidays were not.

I shut down and restarted Thunderbird, and even rebooted, but it made no difference.  I also changed the times to midnight to midnight, but no change.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
This is hardly a reproducable event, but I tried to re-import the holiday dates, and got the expected error, telling me the data was there already.
What version of Sunbird or Lightning do you use?

It works fine for me using Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.9.1pre) Gecko/20090622 Calendar/1.0pre. The events are visible in both calendar view and unifinder after import of the .ics file into local storage calendar.

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9 years ago
It's the standard Lightning 0.9 extension download, downloaded on 20th June.  I'm using Vista Home Premium, with all the upgrades installed, on an Acer PC.

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9 years ago
Here is some further detail.

I have now downloaded and installed Tbird version (20090605) - no change.  The install programme commented that Lightning is compatible, and indeed it seems to behave exactly as before.  (I can't find any release notes to confirm this, however.)

Further experimentation:  
1. I have exported the calendar as a .csv file - it has all the holidays in.
2. I have created a new calendar called 'Test', and imported the .csv file into the new calendar - the holidays are still not visible.  (And just to be sure, I have added a test entry, which is visible when 'Test' is ticked, and invisible when 'Test' is unticked, whereas the holidays are always invisible.)
3. I then exported the new calendar 'test' as an .html file - it has the holidays in, despite the fact that they are invisible in the calendar.
Don't assume that .csv import works. In most cases it fails without showing an error message. Currently only .ics import works reliable.

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9 years ago
I did not assume that a .csv import works.  The original import of holiday dates was an .ics import.  

I subsequently experimented with the .csv import/esport just to see if that changed anything.  The outcome was that the .csv import and the .isc import worked in exactly the same way - the dates were visible in exports from the calendars, but are invisible in the calendar itself.

Comment 6

9 years ago
Now fixed.  I started again this morning.  First I deleted the test calendar and recreated it, then downloaded the list of Australian Public Holidays from Mozilla again, then imported it into the new calendar, and Bingo! they are all visible.  

Case closed then, I presume.
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