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pictures/photo's are presented with bad/odd color depth / contrast


(Firefox :: General, defect)

3.5 Branch
Windows XP
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My system is set to a color depth of 32 bits.
With earlier Firefox versions (till 3.0.x), these were perfect.
Don't know what has changed, but I could find nothing, even in about:config to alter any settings to get this right !
What has been changed to give such bad reproductions ?
I checked the same pictures by downloading them and displaying those wit a picture viewer.
There 's nothing wrong with those pictures, the source !
So, it 's clearly something to do with FF 3.5

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
2.view the picture and download it
3.view the downloaded picture with a picture viewer
Actual Results:  
Good and consistent picture quality

Expected Results:  
Against the picture quality of FF 2.x and 3.0, the picture quality from certain sources has gone bad.
I 've never found this to be in aformentioned versions.
It 's now that has come to be, with version 3.5
The photos look fine on my monitor, what brand is yours? To check if your monitor is badly configured:

Try this:
1. put about:config into the address bar, enter, click through any warning
2. paste gfx.color_management.mode into the filter box
3. double-click that pref to edit the value to 0
4. restart Firefox and see the photos look normal again
5. investigate the faulty color correction profile your monitor has.
Since I tested the picture on the same system and the same monitor (Q17 Hyundai DVI) looking at the original in FF 3.5 and the downloaded version in my Irfanview picture viewer, I don't think I need to look for the problem in my system's hardware.
I also reported that this error doesn't occur with pre-3.5 versions of FF.
I just tried the Filter Box entry; that seems to get that picture displayed a lot better !
What is changed by doing that ?
It seemed to me like the contrast of that picture was bad and the color resolution/depth was bad.
This seems alright now; I 'll have to see some more pictures to make sure.
I haven't kept any of the locations of pics with bad show, but I 'll keep it in mind and will report back if something is still not right ...
Thanks !
Version: unspecified → 3.5 Branch
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Duplicate of bug: 497363
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