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[HTML5] alert() might fire parser continue events from within script


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(In reply to bug 487949 comment #71)
> (In reply to bug 487949 comment #63)
> > No, there may still be unparsed data in the buffer chain if the caller did:
> > document.write("<script></script>trailing data");
> > document.close();
> > 
> > Even without trailing data, posting a continue event ensures that onload is
> > fired from the event loop rather than from within a script.
> This is a drive-by comment, and may not apply... Just posting an event may not
> be enough here since modal dialogs etc process events, so a nested
> document.write() that causes a continue event to be posted and then does
> alert("foo") could process that event from within the script.

It's unclear if this is a problem. Need to investigate if it is.
I'm pretty sure that after bug 503473, this isn't a problem for non-script-created parsers. However, in the case of script-created parsers, it might be necessary to deflect continue events if the parser is on the stack and have them flip a bit on the parser. Then, when the parser returns later, it should check the flag and re-post the event.
Thinking more about the script-created case:

Only document.write() and document.close() feed data to the parser. They both tokenize to completion or until a script blocks.

If they tokenize to completion, no continue event is needed. If a script blocks, nsContentSink posts a runnable for continuing when the script has run, no parser-level continue event is needed.

If a nested event loop is created on </script>, there will be an nsContentSink-level continue runnable when the script has run, so that guarantees that the parse continues.

If something other than </script> creates a nested event loop, the parser is running document.write() or document.close() to completion or a subsequent script, so there's no need for a continue event.

Unless I'm missing something, it seems to me nsHtml5Parser-level continue events can be removed altogether.
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Remove continue event from nsHtml5Parser

Glad to see this go!
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a=beltzner to land on mozilla-central as this is pref'd off by default and so I'm happy to consider it NPOTB for now.
Thanks for r & a. Pushed:
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