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Need a way to pass variables between restart tests


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With the help of the mozmill-restart command line wrapper we can run restart tests against Firefox. While creating a test for extension installing I miss a way to pass values from the first test to a successive one, e.g. when I install an extension in test1.js I wanna check for it in test2.js. But since I don't know which extension has been installed in test2.js I can only check for the existence of an extension but not if the correct one has been installed.

Mikeal, could we implement something that would allow to pass values back to the python script and which will resent to Mozmill for successive tests?
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This shouldn't be too hard, but the persistence would be limited to objects that are JSON serializable.
That sounds good. Something we could consider for Mozmill 1.3?
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Does this block any particular test you want to write?
Not yet. I use constants so far. That why we have time for a fix.
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Mikeal, it would be great to get this fixed so we can use that way to pass the build id to the next test. Otherwise I will have problems to verify the update.
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Mikeal, it would be really really helpful for me for the update tests when we can get this feature in. I need a way to check if the offered update has been correctly installed. Therefor I need some values from test1.js in test2.js.
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Committed r548

In your test module there is now an object named "persisted", any attributes you set on it must be JSON serializable and it will be available in every test across a test run.
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Ok with r549 and r550 we had to add two more fixes. Now it works fine. Thanks Mikeal!
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