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idea: upgrade the highlight feature


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(Whiteboard: WONTFIX)

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Build Identifier: Firefox 3.5

the problem:
- it could take a lot of time to highlight just one word from a link
- you can't highlight a word from an image or a flash video

the solution:
shift+left click - to mark an area,
by releasing the shift key, firefox will analyze the area and highlight only what he needs (words,faces...).

now the user can copy paste or search the highlight area.

- this is good not just for words but also for searching faces in image and video
- this feature need to work like the zoom feature (zooming on all objects: flash, image, video, text...)

Reproducible: Always
Severity: normal → enhancement
Seems a bit too large of a job for Firefox to take on. Maybe an extensions could do this ins a limited way, but pulling text out of images and flash is not easy.
Whiteboard: WONTFIX
it's not as hard as you think:
A. take a snapshot of the highlight area
B. do ocr
C. highlight the text

babylon can do this, why not firefox ?
ocr ? not hard ?
Severity: normal → S3
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