Usability Enhancement: Drag-to-Toggle support for status columns (star/read/junk) to quickly toggle statuses on multiple messages.



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Can we have the ability to drag down the star/read/junk columns to bulk-toggle the desired status on a range of emails quickly, with a simple swipe-like gesture? (Similar to Photoshop's future allowing users to drag-to-toggle layer views on and off)

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Trig, thank you for proposing this enhancement.
However, we would need a lot more details to understand the desired behaviour.

We also need the following information:
- Steps to reproduce (what situation are you starting from, what do you have selected, etc.)
- Actual Results (what you have to do now to get multiple messages starred etc.)
- Expected Results (describe the exact enhanced behaviour that you want instead, e.g. what happens when you drop the star on unselected messages, on selected messages, will they all be starred and why not just one etc.)

Having said which, this looks more like it needs an extension (addon).
We are currently offering a very efficient way of starring etc. multiple selected messages (and you'd have to select them with your enhancement, too):
Keyboard shortcuts ... will mark multiple messages...
S -> starred/unstarred
M -> read/unread
J -> Junk/non-Junk

So I doubt that dragging the star from the column header onto selected messages would significantly simplify this process where pressing a single key does the trick quite nicely and precisely. For mouse-only users, it's a three-step operation via the menus, so this would indeed significantly simplify the process for them.
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