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9 years ago
We need a branch of AMO to test Pootle/verbatim on. The idea is to give localizers something to play with for now without breaking AMO trunk if something goes wrong.

Clouserw, one question for you: Do the current hooks we have for Pootle+AMO commit as the localizer, or as the user who set up the staging instance (i.e., you, for now)? In the former case, does it seem reasonable to copy AMO trunk to a verbatim-test branch, then have IT apply the same localizers' write rights to that branch that exist on trunk?
The current hooks commit as the verbatim user with some post-commit hook magic on the server side to switch it to the real user.

I've always just tested it with a local repository and had the localizers use the real thing.  AMO is on a preview site so nothing is going to go live, and we've got a repository so if anything goes wrong we could always just roll back.  *shrug*

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9 years ago
Yeah you are right -- I guess there's not much the localizers can break, considering the user group that has access is very limited, and if they want to screw up their own locale they can do it anyway ;)

Thanks for the link, Wil.

Sethb: are we fine with letting the localizers just access AMO trunk? Wil has a point, if anything goes wrong we can always revert the changes -- and none of this goes live into prod immediately.
They've already got access - the old version had them committing directly to trunk.

Also, just as a sidenote, permissions aren't actually enforced on the svn side. The commit happens as the verbatim user, so any per-locale permissions checks need to happen in verbatim. (The verbatim user has write access to top level locale dirs in svn)

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9 years ago
Thanks for explaining that, Wil. I'll mark this WONTFIX then and let localizers access trunk. I'll try to migrate the user information that the old Verbatim Alpha version contains.
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