would be nice if openid auto-login did not manipulate the page



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9 years ago
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9 years ago
The current openid auto-login is nice when it works, but interferes with the page (1) when it doesn't work and more importantly (2) when I don't want it to work (i.e., a page that offers openid but for which I want to log in with regular credentials for some reason.) My recent experience suggests that, at least for me, these are still the majority of openid pages. So using weave, I end up clicking 'revert' a lot, which is only irritating, but repeatedly irritating. I'm guessing that for the average user it is also not entirely clear what's going on (not that there is an average user for openid, but there might be at some point). 

I'd suggest that instead of mangling the page, you use the notification bar to say 'you can log into this page automatically with openid. [login] [clear]' or some such. I have no idea what the 'notification bar' is actually called, but the thing under the main menus that allows me to deal with popups, geolocation permissions, etc.- i.e., where users already know to look for 'ways that my browser is going to prompt me to modify my interaction with this page.'

Just two cents...

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9 years ago
Yeah, the page mangling is an experiment, and while interesting it's not clear we actually want it or not.

For now, setting this pref to false should stop the mangling:


Not sure, but I think it won't be completely disabled--you can still log in using openid by using the "key" icon in the location bar.

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9 years ago
Weirdly, that pref requires a restart to take effect, AFAICT- is that expected?

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9 years ago
Yeah, Weave reads a bunch of prefs at startup.  This one we could easily listen to and change the behavior at runtime, though.

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9 years ago
I'd like to add my two cents. Really speaking the weave OpenID option only makes sense at all for people who are not already OpenID users (ie have other providers). 

I'm a long-time OpenID user and it certainly annoyed me when I found my OpenID login options had "disappeared" - replaced with the Weave option. I know - there's a "revert" - but that took me several seconds to note - which means real people would take hours if at all ;-) Thanks for the above tip - I'll be able to disable it at last.

How about making it a "Preferences" option, disabled by default with something like "enable if you'd like to use your Weave account to access OpenID-enabled services"? I'd even go as far as to say that if people chose it, a better "look" would be to simply pre-fill the existing login field with the Weave URL. i.e don't fiddle with the page - just pre-fill like password manager does?

Anyway, keep up the good work: I've got Weave on my Linux laptop and workstation - and on a Windows server I use a lot - liking it! :-)



9 years ago
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This breaks login on some web pages, so I'm upping the importance to “proper bug” rather than an enhancement request.
Severity: enhancement → minor

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9 years ago
This is the reason I didn't use weave for a long time. I have my own openID provider, and am happy with it, weave just seemed to screw up every login screen across the web...
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8 years ago
Current Account Manager add-on no longer munges the page like it used to, so closing as... fixed?
Last Resolved: 8 years ago
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8 years ago
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