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Have per-engine versioning to avoid wiping all engine data


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Right now we have a single "data version" that we need to bump if formats for any engine record changes. We can put in a version field in the base engine class that detects when there's conflicts and wipe data first.

Alternatively, we store an array of versions in the meta/global as we're fetching that anyway.
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Depends on: 554472
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Add an engines object to meta/global to track version and syncID for each engine. If the server is outdated, wipe the data and set a new version and syncID. If the client is oudated, ask for an upgrade. Differing syncIDs cause a reupload. All engines are right now the default version 1.
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Blocks: 549635
Depends on: 545517
Component: Firefox Sync: Backend → Sync
Product: Cloud Services → Firefox
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