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nsXULElement::AfterSetAttr doesn't always guard its use of aValue


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in most places nsXULElement::AfterSetAttr checks aValue before using it....
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mq diff's have limited context, here's the critical bit:
+            document && document->GetRootContent() == this &&
+            aValue) {
             nscolor color = NS_RGBA(0, 0, 0, 0);
             nsAttrValue attrValue;
             attrValue.ParseColor(*aValue, document);
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Normal elements call AfterSetAttr with a null aValue from UnsetAttr. While they currently do not, it is possible that at some point that it would be desirable for XUL elements to call AfterSetAttr from UnsetAttr. I therefore consider that the code should either be written to mirror the work UnsetAttr does, or that it should not null-check aValue at all, however which it should be is not my call.
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