Appearance of HTML-Mails doesn't fit before and after sending in some cases



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In some cases the appearance of a composed HTML-Mail doesn't look like it should. The appearance looks different before and after sending. 
In the screenshot you can see an example, I used the Apple Mail Stationery "Flower.mailstationery" for this test. After sending the background of the mail is missing. Its missing if I open the received mail in Thunderbird and its also missing if I open the mail on the ISPs website.
For the same HTML code this happens every time.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Open the compose window
2. Go to "Insert" --> "HTML..." and paste an HTML code (with background pictures and so on)
3. If the mail looks good send it
4. Look how the sended mail looks like

For my test I used the following HTML code (from the Apple Mail Stationery, modified):

<body style="background:url(file:///Resources/bg_pattern.jpg) 50% 0;margin:0;padding:0">
<div style="background:url(file:///Resources/bg_pattern.jpg) 50% 0;">
	<table width="575" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" class="email-body-wrap" id="email-body" align="center">
			<td width="20" background="file:///Resources/bg_pattern.jpg">&nbsp;</td>
			<td width="535"><table width="535" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
						<td width="535" height="85" colspan="4" background="file:///Resources/bg_pattern.jpg" class="top">&nbsp;</td>
						<td width="535" colspan="4" class="top"><img src="file:///Resources/top.jpg" width="535" height="24"></td>
						<td width="183" valign="top" background="file:///Resources/flowerstem.jpg" class="top-bg"><img src="file:///Resources/flower.jpg" width="183" height="341"></td>
						<td width="352" valign="top" background="file:///Resources/bg_letter.jpg" class="top-bg"><table width="352" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
									<td height="62" colspan="3">&nbsp;</td>
									<td align="left" id="title"><div class="body-title" id="body-title"><font face="Georgia" color="#f38c50" style="font-size:83px"><span contenteditable="true" apple-content-name="title" style="display:block;width:332px">Sorry</span></font></div></td>
									<td width="20">&nbsp;</td>
									<td height="50" colspan="3">&nbsp;</td>
									<td width="332" align="left"><font color="#847354" face="Georgia" style="font-size:15px; text-align:left;"><span contenteditable="true" apple-content-name="body" style="display:block;width:332px">
										<div class="body-content" id="body-content" style="line-height:1.5;">
											Eliquatuero dip eros nusan vent etlam, conum zrit la facillum initit doloreet ullame tuero od tet lor adit commod tummy. Eliquatuero dip eros nusan vent etlam,conum zrit la facillum initit doloreet ullame tuero od tet lor adit commod tummy.<div><br></div>
									<td width="20">&nbsp;</td>
									<td height="115" colspan="3">&nbsp;</td>
						<td width="535" colspan="2" class="bottom-bg"><div align="center"><img src="file:///Resources/bottom.jpg" width="535" height="59" alt="" style="display:block;" /></div></td>
						<td width="535" height="57" colspan="2" background="file:///Resources/bg_pattern.jpg" class="bottom-bg">&nbsp;</td>
			<td width="20" background="file:///Resources/bg_pattern.jpg">&nbsp;</td>

The only displayed pictures in the sended mail are flower.jpg, top.jpg, bottom.jpg. All other pictures are missing (after sending).

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HTML mail (before sending on the left, after sending on the right)
What's the source of the actual message received?

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Source of received message

(In reply to comment #2)
> What's the source of the actual message received?

This is the source of the received message.
Styled backgrounds have always been a problems for TB
The file references should have been converted to CID's but were not.
I'm sure this is a dup of one of my 5-8 year old bugs.
(I'll look it up, but chances are this will never be fixed until a complete re-write of Libmime and a new composer/editor)
The only way  know of to get a background image in a table or div is to use a data url.
xref bug 116867
Fixed by the fact that styled backgrounds are not wanted/supported.
The fact that you (and I) might want to use them seems irrelevant.
Confirmed here

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Probably a dupe.
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Duplicate of bug: 119594
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