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nsWifiAccessPoint::GetSsid doesn't do what it thinks it does with embedded nulls


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nsWifiAccessPoint::GetSsid contains the following code:

  // just assign and embedded nulls will truncate resulting
  // in a displayable string.

  nsString tempStr;
  tempStr.AssignWithConversion(mSsid, mSsidLen);
  aSsid = tempStr;

I don't think this does what the comment says it does with embedded nulls; AssignWithConversion uses the passed in length as the length of the data, so I think this can include embedded nulls in the result.  If you want to get rid of embedded nulls, you probably just want to ignore mSsidLen and do:

  CopyASCIIToUTF16(mSsid, aSsid);
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