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Create a public-facing version of the admin dashboard


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In order to provide community members with a transparent view of the approval queue, please create a public facing version of the admin dashboard 

Differences between the public-facing version and the admin version would be:

1. no "recent admin activity" on top right
2. none of the features below the pie chart. 
3. no admin privileges
Given that the approval time varies dramatically depending on which category an item is in, what use will this serve other than irking people that there's a huge backlog?

People wouldn't have any interest in a dashboard if personas were being approved in a reasonable time frame. Throwing three numbers on a page isn't going to do much.
There is more than one issue here, including backlog time and transparency. This particular bug deals with the latter and is in direct response from feedback we have received from the community. If we can let the community be better informed, then we should.
Additionally, we may be able to make this view more valuable than just 3 numbers. I copied Ryan on the bug for his thoughts, and I'm sure we'll receive some feedback on the forum once this is up.
Target Milestone: --- → 1.7
I do have ideas, just need a day to gather them. :)
Assignee: telliott → rdoherty
0.1 version of this will just have 3 fields:

# of public personas
# of personas in queue
# of submitted personas in past week

And some info on how to become a reviewer. 

What should the messaging be to become a reviewer? Should they email us?
Also, if we want reviewers, we should have some minimum criteria, our review guidelines public and no way a reviewer can delete personas.
Added to hg:

New alias that needs to be added:
Alias /dashboard DOCROOT/server/dashboard.php

Any copy for how to become a reviewer? It can wait until the next release if necessary.
Assignee: rdoherty → telliott
OS: Mac OS X → All
Hardware: x86 → All
1. Copy for the approval process: "If you are interested in supporting the approval process by becoming an approver, please email"

2. After we set someone up as an approver, we send them the guidelines.  

3. We have created a special "approver" status, which does not allow the reviewer to delete existing designs.
New content added. Just need alias setup.
ccing zandr as he'll need to update the apache on the live server
I also added a link in the footer to the dashboard otherwise no one will see it :)
reassigning to Zandr for the alias setup during launch.

New alias that needs to be added:
Alias /dashboard DOCROOT/server/dashboard.php
Assignee: telliott → zandr
Config changed deployed in advance of launch. Leaving open until the launch is done and we can verify. (it 404's just fine, but would do that anyway. :)
Closed: 12 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
If the team is happy with, I am; I can't verify that the data is correct, but it looks good to me.
that works.
Verified FIXED; thanks, Suneel.
Product: Websites → Websites Graveyard
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