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[mozmill] Test to check error page when SSL disabled


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This is a placeholder bug for writing a Mozmill test script for litmus test 7774 ->
Depends on: 506098
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Initial patch

>+var teardownModule = function(module) {
>+  UtilsAPI.closeAllTabs(controller);

This call is not needed. Probably we should remove it in general from the teardownModule function. Each test module which rely on open tabs should do this before the test is started. That is faster and safer.

>+var testDisableSSL = function() {
>+  PrefsAPI.handlePreferencesDialog(prefDialogCallback);

>+  // Go to

Nit: This comment is somewhat useless. Please remove it.

>+  // Sleep for 2s because if we are too fast an alert
>+  // appears instead of the error page
>+  controller.sleep(2000);

Please use waitForPageLoad with 2000ms timeout. AFAIR that would ensure that the former page has been unloaded. Which type of alert do you get here? Normally none should be visible.

>+  if (controller.assertNode(title)) {
>+    if (title.getNode().textContent != "Secure Connection Failed") {
>+      throw "Expected error title 'Secure Connection Failed'!";
>+    }

Which purpose has assertNode here? You only want to check the textContent. So just use assertProperty for it. assertNode is not necessary.

>+  controller.waitForElement(text);
>+  controller.assertNode(text);

Using waitForElement makes the assertNode useless. We should probably remove the UtilsAPI.delayedAssertNode function too.

>+  if (text.getNode().textContent.indexOf("ssl_error_ssl_disabled") == -1) {  
>+    throw "Expected error code ssl_error_ssl_disabled!";
>+  }
>+  if (text.getNode().textContent.indexOf("") == -1) {
>+    throw "Expected domain!";  
>+  }
>+  if (text.getNode().textContent.indexOf("SSL protocol has been disabled") == -1) {
>+    throw "Expected SSL Disabled error message!";
>+  }

Nit: Please leave an empty line between each if statement.

>+var prefDialogCallback = function(controller) {
>+  // Close the Prefs dialog
>+  controller.keypress(null, 'VK_ESCAPE', {});

I assume you haven't run this test on Windows. By hitting ESC to close the preferences dialog the made changes are discarded. So the test always fails on Windows. Please see the other tests under testPreferences how to close the preferences dialog via the OK button on Windows.
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Suggested revisions made...
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Attached patch Rev1aSplinter Review
Add @throws to function header comment.
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Looks good. I made a small change I wasn't aware before. We should open a blank page before starting the test so we do not already have the error page open if we run this test several times in a row. With this change we can get rid of the 2s sleep.
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Closed: 10 years ago
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Anthony, due to bug 513129 this test always fails for trunk and 1.9.1. Can you please clear the cache after disabling the prefs and before opening the Versign page? That would make the test pass for the moment.
Depends on: 513129
Resolution: FIXED → ---
I'd like to stop the practice of reopening test creation bugs whenever a change happens which breaks a particular test.  Once a test has been created, checked-in and passes, we should resolve fixed the bug FOREVER.  Any subsequent problems which arise should be filed in a new bug.

When a new feature goes into Firefox, there is a creation bug for that feature.  We don't reopen that bug every time a new bug is found with that feature.  Mozmill tests should be no different.  In other words, each test is a "feature" being added to Mozmill.

As is the case here, please file a new bug and assign it to me.  Thanks.
Closed: 10 years ago10 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Aye, I agree with Anthony's assessment. This happens the rest of the bugs in Mozilla. We really should do the same here. Like gavin says, bugs are cheap :).
No longer depends on: 513129
Mass move of Mozmill Test related project bugs to newly created components. You can filter out those emails by using "Mozmill-Tests-to-MozillaQA" as criteria.
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Product: Firefox → Mozilla QA
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