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"this page" should be specified more clearly


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Thank you for all your hard work on Firefox.  I have one suggestion for improving.  When restoring a session or going back and forth in history and hitting a page that is the result of a POST action, Firefox pops up a warning that any performed action will be repeated.  This is good.  Alas, the program is rather vague.

Wouldn't it be possible to give more information than just "this page"?  At least tell the user the domain where the page is hosted.  That way it is possible to make a more informed decision even when opening ~100 tabs on Firefox restart (I'm a tab junkie ;-))
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See bug 112848 for the discussion that led to the current wording.  

I'd be fine with putting some identifier for the page in the dialog, but I have no idea what a reasonable one would be.  A url is likely to be too long and confusing, a page title not necessarily helpful, a hostname not solving the original problem here.

It's probably more worthwhile to focus on fixing bug 451250.
Depends on: 451250
I read about half of bug 112848.

When I opened this ticket, I asked myself the same question of "what?".  Personally, I thought the domain is probably a good compromise between length and being specific.  At least for me, it would be a tremendous help.

Since it would be so easy to fix this string, I think it should not be blocked by bug 451250 which is probably still some time out before getting fixed.
bug 451250 is fixed, so maybe we can pick up the discussion here again
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